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Precollege Research Training Programs

jisan8aThis program is the oldest of JRI programs. Initially established in 1995, this program teaches young people the art of doing science. The program initially focuses on two main research skills.

  • The ability to learn

    At JRI students learn how to acquire knowledge without the need for a teacher and at a far greater level than normally learned. This is particularly helpful if a class isn't available or of students simply want to improve their ability to learn well.

  • The ability to think

    Students develop the ability to extrapolate from what they don't know to what they want to know. This is a crucial skill that allows one generate discoveries based on the knowledge they already have.

After these basic skills are acquired, students join research groups and examine topics that are of interest to our research mentors and to the students themselves. These are self-contained sophisticated research programs that yield real research results. Students publish their work in scientific conferences and/or journals and patent their work when appropriate.

Current areas of research are evolutionary computation, swarm engineering, and renewable energy. Join our research program and enjoy the benefits and educational rewards that our alumni enjoy!

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