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The Jisan Research Institute is the only professional research laboratory for students (ages 13-18).

For more than twenty years, JRI has been helping students stand out and get noticed using professional level scientific research. Our record speaks for itself; since 1998, more than 1/3 of JRI graduates have gone to Harvard, Caltech, MIT, or UC Berkeley!  See our full alumni list.


Schedule a visit!  Call us at (626) 458-0000 or contact us online.


  •  Precollege Research Training Program
    • A year-round research program which gives students hands-on research experience culminating in a publication in a scientific journal and/or conference proceedings.


  •  Summer Research Program
    • A 10-week summer research course designed to give students an introduction to science.  Specifically for the beginner or the junior who hasn't had time to do research until now.  If you're not sure about research, this is a great way to test the waters.


  • Our Speed Reading Program
    • This is a 10-week course during which the student learns how to efficiently use his/her eyes to read.  With a money-back guarantee, this is an indispensible skill that enables students to at least double their reading speed and to handle schoolwork and standardized tests much more quickly.

Do research, read faster, stand out, jump start a great career!  At the end of it all fly somewhere in the world and tell other scientists about what you've done!  It's the beginning of an exceptional future.

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