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reading.2Many students struggle with reading on an ongoing basis. Long homework assignments eat up large amounts of time and students are hard pressed to keep up with it all. Students stuggling with standardized tests such as the SAT commonly reach a point at which their studying doesn't seem yield score improvements.

The Jisan Research Institute has developed an innovative program called the Advanced Reading Program which helps students to better use their eyes to read, increasing the speed, accuracy, and focus of a student during reading. This program

  • Enables a student to better use his/her eyes to acquire information
  • Can improve student's reading speed by an average of 300%
  • Can help identify and correct tracking problems which lead to slow reading
  • Can yield significant improvements in SAT scores as a result of quicker reading and better retention
  • Can lead to correct diagnoses (through identification and referral to an eye specialist) of pre-blindness in eyes
  • For more details, please download our program booklet or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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