" A pioneering research community "

The Jisan Research Institute has developed three outstanding programs dedicated to improving the average student's capability in science. 

These programs are

  • The Precollege Research Training Program

    An in-depth hands-on research training program. Students learn basic thinking and learning skills in preparation for entering the laboratory. Students then choose from available projects during which they investigate research questions, propose solutions, construct their devices/control algorithms/computer programs, evaluate their solutions, and report their results. Students graduate from the program once their work has been published in a scientific conference or journal.

  • The Summer Research Program

    A quick (10 week) hands-on introduction to the art of doing science. Students work together on a focused project centered around a JRI technology. Students design, construct, test, and evaluate the proposed technology using our in-house machine shop and analysis equipment. Students may be invited to continue working with researchers after the summer in order to prepare their work for publication in a scientific conference.

  • The Advanced Reading Program

    This program teaches students to quickly and effectively improve their reading speed, saving them hours of homework time and work time for life. The program helps students reduce a homework assignment that should take six hours to two while maintaining the student's reading quality. The program can also enhance performance on the SAT by improving speed and accuracy of reading.

Each of these programs provide students with knowledge and skills that enhance their knowledge set, their learning capacity, and their career opportunities. These programs give students knowledge that is directly applicable to virtually every kind of career from those in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to those in law, business, and beyond!










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