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jisan7Collaborating Scientists at The Jisan Research Institute

The Jisan Research Institute welcomes collaboration with outside scientists. The collaborations can occur when an outside scientists makes a proposal to the JRI branch Director and can be connected with the research group of an active Research Mentor. The Research Mentor will put the student group together, and together the visiting scientist and the Research Mentor will guide the student group through the examination of the project. The visiting scientist must agree to work with the student group throughout the research effort.

The Jisan Research Institute does not charge for such collaborative efforts, and thereby represents a very inexpensive option to the researcher (professional or otherwise) with a good idea but limited means. Intellectual property is shared among the research team members as long as all members are actively exploring the project unless funding for the research team is provided by the outside scientist or company. In the latter case, the intellectual property is the property of the proposing entity.

This mechanism was successfully applied to a research effort in the area of image recognition under the guidance of Dr. Sanza T. Kazadi and Mr. Shaheen Hoque. Mr. Hoque proposed an image recognition approach based on fractal geometry. Though the original idea did not succeed, a derivative approach devised by the JRI research group did succeed and led to a significantly different approach to image recognition. The final research was published and presented at the IEEE Conference on Visual Systems in 2001.



















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