" A pioneering research community "

The Jisan Research Institute is currently conducting research in three main areas. These areas are the fields of evolutionary computation, swarm engineering, and green engineering. All areas of research involve novel theoretical, computational, or mechanical systems. All research efforts include young people in the design and construction of novel technologies, programs, and theory. 

Artifical Evolution is a field in which novel artificial systems are constructed which utilize the process of evolution for the solution of problems. Problems attempted by artificial evolution including, but are not limited to the design of novel electronic structures, the development of new numerical solutions to mathematical problems, and the development of limited neural systems. Our interest centers around the theoretical explanation of why these systems function. By understanding what these systems take advantage of, it may be possible to both reproduce their functionality and to extend or correct their limitations.

Swarm engineering involves the study of multiagent systems and the development of theoretical tools that allow the design of new systems. These systems have been applied to robotics, computation, planning, and more recently to economics and social science. Our interest centers around the development of robust theoretical tools that allow a desired swarm system to be designed and constructed in such a way the one can prove the outcome will occur prior to constructing it.

Green technologies are technologies that function without causing changes to our ecosystem. This is the newest research focus at JRI and is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting. Our interests center around methods of generating power and building systems that are very long lasting. Our interests are currently centering around wind power, light energy to electric power generation, motor-less pumping, refrigeration, and heat to electrical energy conversion.



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