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Benefits of Attending The Jisan Research Institute 

When you look at the alternatives, there is no other research experience that compares to the Jisan Research Institute.
Take a peek below to see why you'll get the best research training with JRI over any other option! 


CON – Finding a research mentor can be hit and miss, depending on the scientist's current activities and interest level.
PRO – Finding a research mentor is easy – it's part of the program.
PRO – Students work with PhD level scientists who are experts in their field.
PRO – Students work with PhD level scientists who are experts in their field.
CON  – Formal research programs generally last two to eight weeks. This isn't enough time to complete a research cycle.
PRO – Formal research programs generally last until the research is done.
CON  – Most university professors don't have time to teach students basic skills, which means that the students must learn from graduate students or on their own.
PRO – The Jisan Research Institute research program is designed to help students learn all the skills required to complete the entire research cycle – and be able to do it again without help.
CON  – Most students don't get to participate in the planning of the research effort. Instead, they get predetermined activities assigned. As a result, they don't know how to put a plan together. Though they get their name on a paper, they generally missed key parts of creating a research paper.
PRO – The Jisan Research Institute research program allows students to participate in all parts of a research program. Students learn enough to be able to carry out the research on their own.
PRO – Universities have a lot of toys students can play with.
CON  (becomes) PRO  – The Jisan Research Institute has toys that the students design and build. Learning how to build what one needs rather than buying items off the shelf helps build creativity and self-reliance. Students learn that they can build just about whatever they can conceive.





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