" A pioneering research community "

So, what is the Jisan Research Institute?

emi.kondo.talkSince we first opened our doors in 1995, JRI has been kind of hard to define. A mixture between a school and a research laboratory, JRI not only makes breakthroughs in a number of research areas, but guides young people through the beginning of their scientific careers while these breakthroughs are made. Scientists are at the cutting edge of various research areas. Unlike most scientist, however, JRI scientists are also dedicated teachers, teaching their skills to young people who actively participate in the research efforts.

Young people at the Jisan Research Institute can expect to:

  • Learn basic skills relevant to research in general. These skills are important for any profession, from science to law to business to government. They help students develop thinking skills that allow them to understand and solve virtually any problem. Students learn how to learn any skill, allowing them to do so without the need of a course or teacher.
  • Get hands-on training in all aspects of the research process. Students are walked through the beginning of a project during which the idea is generated, the development of an experimental procedure, the execution of the experiments, and the analysis and write up of the results. When the student submits his or her results for publication, they have been part of every aspect of the project rather than a participant on one small part.
  • Build various innovative devices from scratch in our working machine shop. Students are encouraged to learn how to fabricate devices from scratch. This allows them to learn how to generate innovative ideas and see them brought into reality. Students obtain an understanding that they can make their own ideas become a reality and need not wait on obtaining permission.
  • Get help on college admissions applications. JRI students are very successful in applying to college, with much higher percentages of our students obtaining access to the most highly ranked schools than any other institution in Southern California. Our students learn how to approach their college application in an analytical way which gives them a significant advantage over others. Moreover, recommendations from JRI Research Mentors can be one of the most important parts of a college application.
  • Meet other students who are embarking on successful careers. Working with other students who are doing extraordinary things helps students to understand that they, too, can do extraordinary things. It is often said that it isn't what you know that makes you successful, but rather who you know. At JRI, students get exposed to great knowledge and also great people.
  • Learn to write scientific papers. Writing scientific papers is a difficult skill to master. Very few individuals learn this skill, even after completing a full undergraduate course. JRI students are often times four to six years ahead of schedule in learning this skill, which makes them valuable to college research groups in a way most other students cannot match.

Graduates of the Jisan Research Institute can expect:

  • Periodic updates about research and developments at the Jisan Research Institute. Students may inquire about research going on at the Jisan Research Institute and stay abreast of the fields of research JRI participates in.
  • Continual assistance (as requested) in choosing classes, obtaining research opportunities, and admissions help in college and postgraduate work. This is one of the most valuable benefits as it helps students chart their course through their professional work, starting in college. While most students use college to figure out what they want to do in life, JRI graduates use what they want to do in life to figure out what they are going to do in college and beyond. JRI personnel provides assistance through the students' emergence from graduate school.

The Jisan Research Institute has a unique program that exists only here. More of our students eventually become PhDs or MDs than any other program. Many programs can teach and others can introduce students to science. No program does both of these so well together as the Jisan Research Institute. Students emerge as creative thinkers, capable of tackling the hardest of problems and of doing what few other students can do. Students need not have the best grades to embark on a world-changing journey ending in success!

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