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jisan9The Jisan Research Institute provides an opportunity for graduate students to obtain experience in leading their own research group outside of a university, under the guidance of a Research Mentor, and in collaboration with the students' research advisor. This occurs by connecting the student to an existing research effort at the Jisan Research Institute and forming a collaboration with the student's home research advisor. The student then leads a group of precollege students in the exploration of the project the he or she brings, completing the project with a publication and/or patent, as appropriate.

What makes this model so unique is that it allows the student to be supported by the sometimes compulsory outreach component of the home laboratory's own research efforts. This means that, rather than duplicating the infrastructure necessary for outreach programs to occur, the money set aside for outreach may be used for research without compromising the goals of such earmarked funding. JRI's own resources may also be leveraged for the project, allowing extra resources to be brought to bear on various projects.

This mechanism was successfully applied to a research effort in the area of fuzzy logic under the guidance of 



















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