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The Scientists of The Jisan Research Institute

jisan14The primary duty of every scientist is to learn new things. These things might vary widely from scientist to scientist, but this commonality binds all scientists to the same general purpose. The methods may also be different, but these methods all include an exploration of the truth irrespective of where that truth might lead us. At the Jisan Research Institute, every scientist works with this first duty. 

The second duty of every scientist is to teach. There is no benefit to humanity if the things that are learned are lost because the people who learn them either keep the knowledge to themselves or disappear over time. Therefore scientists involved in JRI research have the utmost dedication to disseminating information about research done at JRI. This is done by making all research reports freely available to the public and by teaching pre-college students about the research at a level of sophistication that would allow these students to carry on the research independently once they have reached a certain level of sophistication. It is expected that the scientists involved are able to bring these students to the same level of sophistication themselves. In this way, JRI scientists not only safeguard their own knowledge, but also help the self-same young people to realize that they are capable of reaching the very significant level of sophistication. 

The Jisan Research Institute has been privileged to have been able to collaborate with a number of scientists, including graduate students, independent scientists, and college professors. These individuals have shown a dedication to creating new knowledge and helping bring a number of young people into science. To date, they have come from a variety of different places including Raytheon Missile Systems (the research was done independently of Raytheon), the University of Southern California, the University of California at San Diego, and the California Institute of Technology.Research and outreach activities were funded by a combination of private funds and funds from the National Science Foundation.  

















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