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Research Mentor

Dr. Sanza T. Kazadi
Jisan Research Institute
JRI Research Mentor
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Since 2004, the Jisan Research Institute has been carrying out non-computational engineering research. These research efforts began as unofficial projects, or projects which were meant to be fun, but not necessarily lead to any publishable results. These projects gave JRI personnel and students the freedom to try out ideas that had little chance of success in their first evaluation without worry that the students' time would be wasted. If the project succeeded, then students would have a great introduction to engineering research, and could possibly continue the project as an official research project. If the project did not succeed, then the students would have valuable experience in an important part of science that few programs emphasize - what to do when there is a failure. As much can be learned from a failure as a success in science.

Much of the JRI research in engineered systems is not publicized until key questions are answered and any potential IP issues have been properly addressed. As a result, much of what is done at JRI is not publicized on this website. Stay tuned to the JRI website for developments involving this research.

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