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News at The Jisan Research Institute in 2007


Jisan Students to Present Two Papers in the International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics 2007

Five JRI students will be presenting research next Friday at the International Conference on Automation and Robotics in San Francisco. The five students are part of two research groups headed by JRI Research Mentor Dr. Sanza T. Kazadi.

The students come from different high schools from around Southern California. Meeting at the Jisan Research Institute, they formed an unexpected group of like-minded researchers whose team might not otherwise have formed. John S. Lee is a senior at Claremont High School, and is the only student still in high school in the group. The other four students were seniors in high school when they completed their research, and are now in college. John S. Lee worked with Paul Kim from Santa Monica Catholic High School and Joshua Lee from Cathedral High School. Paul now attends Northwestern University and Joshua is a student at the University of Southern California. John R. Lee is a student from Huntington Beach who attended Marina High School. He worked with Julie Lee, a student fromBeverly Hills High School. John now attends the University of California Irvinewhere he has already obtained a research position, and Julie attends Columbia University. 

John R. Lee and Julie Lee will present their paper entitled Artificial Physics, Swarm Engineering, and the Hamiltonian Method. This paper describes the use of a novel swarm design technique known as the Hamiltonian Method of Swarm Design on swarms of autonomous artificial agents. The agents are modelled after Dr. William Spears' swarms based on physicomemetics. Dr. Spears' agents essentially try to position themselves at a specific distance from all of their nearest neighbors. This means that if their neighbor is too far away then the agent tries to get closer; if the neighbor is too close, the agent tries to move away. The result is a lattice of locally regular hexagons that has a very irregular global shape. John and Julie implemented two different methods of "correcting" the global lattice so that it has a perfect hexagonal shape. The methods were derived using the Hamiltonian Method. 

Paul Kim, John S. Lee, and Joshua Lee will present their paper entitled Swarm Economics. This paper examines the use of swarm engineering in thedesign of economic systems. In their paper, the authors prove that for simple economic systems consisting of only vendors and consumers, the design of the consumer determines the trend of the economic system as it pertains to the average prices of things. Derivations for how the system will perform with various consumer behaviors are given. The predictions are then validated using simulation results. 

Though this paper is a first paper for these students, it was nominated for a best paper award. For any scientist, this is quite an honor, but for a high school student, it is nearly unheard of. "It is a tremendous accomplishment for someone so young to have a chance to be awarded the best paper award over the authors of more than 250 other papers. I'm very suprised and elated." said Dr. Kazadi. 

Though four of the five authors now attend college, they have all been able to obtain special permission from their professors to attend the conference. "This doesn't suprise me at all!" commented Dr. Kazadi. "Most undergraduates do not publish. These students were able to turn the trick before their first semester ends. Most professors will be very supportive." 

Despite the first study being completed, the project is far from over, at least for John S. Lee. This fall, John intends to put his research to the test by applying it in his school. He hopes to use his research to examine how closely people behave to his price-limiting agents. Once this research is completed, John plans to write up his results and submit them to a journal. 

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